As you have many Cape York Tour options we suggest you firstly work out if you would like an Accommodated Cape York Tour (staying in motels in a normal bed) or a Camping Cape York Tour (staying in tents). Next we suggest you work out which transport option you would like to combine your 4WD trip with being either a Cargo Boat, Plane or driving by 4WD both ways. If you need help deciding just give our friendly staff a ring on 1 800 994 620 and we can walk you through different options.

Cape York Tours

Cape York Australia is a destination that many Australians and New Zealand residents go to on holidays.
Its a place like no other, with lush tropical rainforests, deserted outback roads, small community towns and stunning National Parks.
Everyone that goes to Cape York on a tour comes back with life long memories, new friends and a truly unique experience to tell others about!

As there are several methods of transport getting to and from Cape York plus the option of sleeping in tents or cabins on the tours to Cape York it can make the choice and decision making process a little overwhelming.

Experience Counts

All our reservations staff have been to Cape York and can help you with tour choices and the decision process as we want you to experience the feeling of the destination as well as the excitement of getting there.
Whether this be on a camping tour sleeping in tents or an accommodated tour sleeping in cabins or if you want to travel by 4WD both ways from Cairns or take a plane one way and travel by 4WD the other way or travel on a Cargo Boat one way and a 4WD the other way, we can work with you to find a tour that suits your budget, time frame and needs.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us via telephone or email and let our friendly experienced reservation staff help you make your tour from Cairns to Cape York one of the best things you have ever done in your life!

Be Careful Who You Book Your Cape York Tour With

The reason why people planning trips to Cape York become frustrated is that often the information they find on the Internet is provided from people who are based nowhere near Cairns, who have never been to Cape York to have first-hand knowledge of the tour they are recommending and more often than not work from a home office which is more commonly called a spare bedroom! Let alone the fact that they are most likely not Licensed Travel Agents or Members of the Travel Compensation Fund which means any money paid to these people is not covered by the Government Insurance Guarantee. Please, for your financial and tour satisfaction sake, be careful who you book your Cape York Tour with.